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Arrows, also known as "Angel Arrows", are the primary weapons of the God candidates. There are two kinds of Arrows, the "Red Arrows" which cause those struck to fall in love with the user for a period of 33 days; and the "White Arrows" that can instantly kill a person regardless of where they are hit. The Arrows are two of the three abilities that Angels can bestow upon the God candidates, with the other being the Wings.


Angel Arrows can be shot from a distance and cannot be dodged by anyone unless they have Wings. Despite not being their intended purpose, Mirai Kakehashi accidentally discovered that Arrows can be used to deflect other people's Arrows, this application holding true for both varieties.

The maximum range of an Arrow is 31.6 Meters[citation needed] which can be further multiplied by combining multiple Arrows into one.[1] Once a person has fired their Arrow, they cannot shoot another one for at least 2 seconds.

However, if they have both Red and White Arrows nocked, then this cooldown period is reduced to 0.3 seconds. Fortunately, once the Arrow has been release it won't hit anybody except for the user's intended target, so they don't have to worry about properly aiming their shots.

The Red Arrow of Love.

Red Arrow[]

Red Arrows, also called "Love",[2] can make any person fall in love with the one who pierced them for 33 days, the victim feeling compelled to please them and follow whatever orders they're given; effectively brainwashing them.

A good example of this manipulation can be seen in how people struck by Red Arrows lose their sense of self; instead of speaking their mind, those pierced will only say things that match the piercer's own point of view.[3]

However, the user can only use Red Arrows on a maximum of 14 people at a time.[4] Although, if someone pierced by a Red Arrows dies, that Arrow will return to the God Candidate and become usable again. Another weakness of this ability is that people who're already under the control of a Red Arrow become immune to the Red Arrows of other God Candidates.

The White Arrow of Death.

White Arrow[]

Easily the simplest of the two Arrow types yet also the most powerful, the power of the White Arrow is that it can instantly kill anyone it hits.

Unlike the Red Arrows and the Wings, only Special-Rank Angels have the power to give their God Candidates White Arrows.



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