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Balta (バルタ, Baruta?), or the Angel of Intuition, was a first-rank angel. He was one of the thirteen angels who selected Hajime Sokotani as his God candidate.


Balta's full appearance.

Balta was an angel with messy neck-length white hair, large pair of wings sprouting from his shoulders, and a glowing blue halo above his head.


Balta seemed to be an angel that possessed a great sense of intuition, being capable of figuring out what type of person Metropoliman was with a single glance of him. He was also very supportive and helpful toward Hajime Sokotani, always advising him on unknown occasions and never speaking ill of him. Even after his candidate's death, he remained respectful toward him and spoke fondly of him. Balta was usually smiling and cheerful.


When Hajime Sokotani was about to commit suicide, Balta appeared in front of him and offered to help him attain the things he always wanted to have, starting with the young man's desire to speak with women, to which he offered him the Red Arrow to do so. However, Hajime felt a big disgust at the image of looking at himself kissing a girl, to which Balta correctly deduced caused Hajime hopelessness.

After two weeks, Balta watched with Hajime the announcement of Metropoliman declaring himself a hero, which caused great excitement to Hajime who marveled at how different the hero was to him, to which Balta once again correctly deduced that Hajime wanted to be like him, and popular and attractive man.

Some time after Hajime's face surgery Metropoliman announced his desire to meet the other god candidates, with Balta and Hajime observing the events that happened in the stadium. Balta suggested Hajime to use the police's assistance if he wants to find Metropoliman, since the latter is killing people as well.

It was when Metropoliman fought against another two god candidates and almost died that Hajime expressed his desire to protect Metropoliman, with Balta stating that Metropoliman most likely won't be a good God, but Hajime still didn't cared and continued to express his desire to be with Metropoliman, to which Balta suggested to look for things that would make Hajime look more like a hero.

Balta continued to help Hajime locate Metropoliman, successfully finding out he is the heir to the Joso Institute Kanade Uryu.

He then accompanied Hajime to the desert, where he would find a device that would allow him to work under Metropoliman, to which recorded footage allowed Metropoliman's angel, Meyza, finally identify him as the Angel of Instinct.




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