Baret is a first-rank angel and is the Angel of Knowledge. She is one of the thirteen angels and selected Nanato Mukaido as her god candidate.[ch 7]

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She is portrayed as a long, white haired angel, green eyes, with short bangs and a monocle on her left eye, her halo is light teal color, her wings are located on her waist flowing like a long skirt and she is seen using golden clips in her hair.

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Baret is a kind, soft-spoken, intellectual being.[citation needed] She is known as the Angel of Knowledge. According to Revel, she knows "all kinds of Heavenly knowledge gleaned from history", she is "very learned, but not without flaws".[ch 7] She is willing to share her wisdom, and information regarding celestial beings and rules to other god candidates, if that is her own candidate's wish.[citation needed]

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Baret was formerly a special-rank angel but was demoted to first-rank. According to Revel it was "for being a know-it-all".[ch 7]

After being chosen as one of the thirteen angels, Baret arrived on Earth, where she chose Nanato Mukaido as her god candidate.[ch 7]

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