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Baret (バレ, Bare?), or the Angel of Knowledge, was a first rank angel. She was one of the thirteen angels who selected Nanato Mukaido as her God candidate.


Baret is portrayed as a white-haired angel with short bangs, green eyes, and a monocle on her left eye. Her halo is light teal in color. Her Wings are located on her waist, flowing down her bottom section like a long skirt. She has golden clips in her hair.


Baret is a kind, soft-spoken, know-it-all. She is known as the Angel of Knowledge. According to Revel, she knows "all kinds of Heavenly knowledge gleaned from history", she is "very learned, but not without flaws". She is willing to share her wisdom, and information regarding celestial beings and rules to other god candidates, if that is her own candidate's wish.


Baret was formerly a special-rank angel but was demoted to first-rank. According to Revel it was "for being a know-it-all".

After being chosen as one of the thirteen angels, Baret arrived on Earth, where she chose Nanato Mukaido as her God candidate.



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