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Chiyo Nakayama (中矢間知代, Nakayama Chiyo?) is a human who was selected by the angel Jami to be a God candidate.[1]



Chiyo is a easily frightened girl who is quick to cry as she has trouble with bullying at school.

After being shot by Metropoliman's red arrow, she has strong admiration for him and cries when he is attacked.


Before Chiyo became a god candidate, she was a normal girl who was often bullied in school.


1st Series[]

After seeing Metropoliman's invitation on TV, Chiyo decides to attend his meeting with the other god candidates at Jinbo Stadium. Hiding among the crowd of spectators in the stadium's stands, Chiyo watches as two candidates (Shogo Hatakeyama and Saburo Tabuchi) attempt to shoot Metropoliman with their red arrows after he arrives. When it is revealed that Metropoliman sent a decoy, Chiyo reveals herself to the two other candidates, asking that they take her with them. However, before she can go with them, the real Metropoliman arrives and shoots her with his red arrow, before leaving with her.

After Metropoliman has killed one of the two god candidates and taken control of the other with his red arrow, he orders Chiyo to return to the stadium so that he can start the next stage of his plan.

Metropoliman then kills Chiyo as part of his plan to eliminate the other god candidates.


  • Wings – The wings give Chiyo the "freedom" to fly anywhere in the world.



  • The name Chiyo means "knowledge" (知) (chi) and "generation" (代) (yo).
  • Chiyo's surname Nakayama means "middle" (中) (naka), "arrow" (矢) (ya) and "time, interval, space, pause, chamber, room, apartment, leisure, chance, entr'acte, intervening, as" (間) (ma).


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