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God (神, Kami?) is a being who serves above the angels in the celestial realm.


God has long hair and is frequently enveloped in a white glow, emitting from a ring that he stands in the middle of.


Nothing is known about his personality, though he seems to care a lot for the human world and thinks that people who are despairing or suicidal are the ones best suited to become god candidates.


As a former God candidate, the current God was elected into his position over his fellow candidates. Since becoming God, he spent many years using his energy to make the world better.


1st Series[]

When he began to run out of energy, the current God selected 13 angels to travel to the human world to select a god candidate. He informed them that if their candidate was chosen, they would be allowed to live on peacefully with their candidate, and that they will have 999 days before one of the candidates is elected God.


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