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Hajime Sokotani (底谷一, Sokotani Hajime?) was a human selected to be a God candidate by the angel Balta.


Hajime was a teenager with green hair and pink bangs that fell down to his shoulders. He had thin almond eyes painted with pink eyeshadow, a slim and long nose, and large lips. Hajime often wore drapes that he wrapped his arms and head with, as well as a purple tank top and white tights. He also wore knee pads on both knees and a pair of grey sandals.

Before he had surgery, Hajime was known to be unattractive. He had numerous blemishes on his face, chapped and dry lips, and prominently crooked teeth. According to him, his unattractiveness was the pioneering reason why he appeared as an outcast to society.


Hajime was socially awkward due to the abuse he received from in and out of home. He especially had a hard time talking to girls.




The wings gave Hajime the "freedom" to fly anywhere in the world.

Red Arrows[]

The Red Arrow had the power to force anyone who was shot with it to fall in love with the user for 33 days.

Fighting prowess[]

Outside of Hajime's angel abilities, he was fairly skilled with blades and he was quick to dodge gunfire at point blank range.


  • The name Hajime means "one" (一).
  • Hajime's surname Sokotani means "bottom, sole" (底) (soko) and "valley" (谷) (tani).


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