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Kanade Uryu (生流奏, Uryū Kanade?), also known as Metropoliman (メトロポリマン, Metoroporiman?), was the first major antagonist of Platinum End. He was a human selected by the angel Meyza to become a God candidate in the God selection process.


Kanade in his uniform




Rea Uryu[]

Kanade is shown to be very considerate of his younger sister by filling her room with flowers and assisting her in various activities. Although he cares deeply for his younger sister, he is shown to have an obsessive and possessive relationship who sees her as being "beautiful and perfect" in his own eyes. At some point, Rea informs her brother that she began to take an interest in a boy at school after being asked to go on a date, to which, Kanade losses his mind feeling that Rea will be "tainted and dirty" and that their relationship will be ruined due to her social status. Kanade tries to reason with her as she attempts to run away from him and demands that he let go of her. After being released by Kanade's grasp, she stumbles backwards causing her to fall from the building and eventually hitting the back of her head on a stoned step, before being cushioned by the bushes. Kanade rushes to her aid calling her name with Rea replying that she feels fine, then tells him that everything is turning dark as her pupils begin to fade away Kanade debates about whether to call a doctor in order to save her life, but decides that she will be "tainted" even more by people like them. He decides to preserve her body in a freeze chamber to where she will still be "beautiful and pure" to him. Unable to deal with the fact of losing his only sister, he decides to take his own live in order to be with her again, until he is approached by the Angel of Greed, Meyza, who offers him a chance to become God and see his little sister again.


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