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Luta (ルタ, Ruta?) is a second rank angel. He is one of the thirteen angels who selected Tonma Rodriguez as his God candidate.


Luta is a male angel with long white wings. He is very tall, with a muscular body that is partially covered in markings that help distinguish him from other angels. Like all other angels, Luta has a large halo above his head.


Although not much has been revealed about Luta's personality, he has been shown to be somewhat easygoing (as demonstrated by his reaction to his god candidate's death) when chosen as one of the thirteen angels, he didn't seem to care much, and decided to chose an average human to finish his duty quicker and relax.


After he was chosen as one of the thirteen angels to find a god candidate, Luta began to worry that it would be tough for second-rank angel who could only grant someone a red arrow to find a candidate, before deciding to just pick an average human and finish his duties quickly.


Metropoliman arc[]

After arriving on Earth, Luta managed to find a candidate in the form of Tonma Rodriguez, a popular celebrity. Upon selecting Tonma, Luta granted Tonma the red arrow to use as he pleased.

After Tonma was murdered by another god candidate, Luta returned to Heaven with Tonma's body. Upon questioning from the other angels, Luta acknowledged that he hadn't expected to last long in the competition and was more interested in the person who killed Tonma.



Tonma Rodriguez[]

Luta is the angel of the god candidate Tonma Rodriguez. Luta doesn't seem to care much about Rodriguez, shown by indifference towards Tonma's death.


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