Meyza is a special-rank angel and is the Angel of Greed.[ch 7] She is one of the thirteen angels and selected Kanade Uryu, a.k.a. Metropoliman, as her god candidate.

Appearance Edit

Ch02 Meyza 2

Meyza's full appearance.

Meyza has short hair, with one small section in the middle of her head completely shaved off. Like all other angels, she has long, white wings, and a large halo above her head.

Personality Edit

Not much has been seen of Meyza's personality, but she has been shown to be ruthless in regards to other candidates, encouraging her candidate to kill them as it is the fastest way to become God.

History Edit

She was formerly a unranked angel that got promoted straight to special-rank through some unknown means.[ch 7] She found Kanade when he was grieving before his sister death and decided to commit suicide. She explained to him he can revive his sister if he become God and so made him accept the offer of becoming a god candidate.

Plot Edit

After Kanade Uryu murdered Tonma Rodriguez, his angel supported his decision to murder the eleven other candidates, as it would be the fastest way for him to become God.[ch 2]

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Kanade Uryu Edit

Meyza has so far been supportive of their god candidate Kanade Uryu, encouraging Kanade to kill the other candidates to become God.

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