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Mirai's aunt was part of the Kakehashi family. She was Mirai Kakehashi's guardian after he lost his direct family in an accident she schemed with her husband.


Mirai's aunt is a woman with short straight light colored hair. She wears lipstick and is often seen wearing a dress.


She is shown to be a very cruel woman. Mirai mentions that she was kind to him when he was younger, and only starting abusing him after receiving the inheritance money from his parents' murder. This shows that she is also manipulative.


After Mirai's uncle convinced his aunt to help kill Mirai's family in order to take their money, he sabotaged the Kakehashi's family car, resulting in it exploding when started, and killing Mirai's entire family. He and Mirai's aunt then adopted Mirai in order to receive insurance money in exchange for taking care of him. Mirai's aunt was initially loving towards Mirai, but after her family received their money for taking care of him, her attitude changed drastically. The family made him do all of the household chores, beat him, made him sleep in their storage room, and only fed him leftovers.


1st Series[]

While she was watching TV, Mirai returned home to confront her about his family. Although she was initially hostile towards him, she quickly became very affectionate towards him after he shot her with his red arrow. When questioned by Mirai, she quickly broke down, admitting to killing his parents while also insisting that it had been Mirai's uncle who first suggested it. Hearing this, Mirai's uncle quickly tried to silence her, but Mirai's aunt continued to insist that Mirai's uncle was to blame. Mirai, in a fit of anger, began to curse his aunt and uncle, proclaiming that people like them should simply die. Hearing this, Mirai's aunt immediately took a butcher knife and slit her own throat in an attempt to please Mirai. After her death, an angel arrived to take her soul from her dead body.[[[Gift from an Angel|ch 1]]]

Mirai's aunt kills herself on his orders.

The shock of causing his aunt's death resulted in Mirai having multiple nightmares involving his aunt's corpse trying to kill him.[[[Man's Nature|ch 2]]]


Mirai Kakehashi[]

Mirai is this woman's nephew, and he has been in her care since Mirai's parents were killed. She has been abusive towards Mirai, and doesn't seem to care at all about him. After being shot with the red arrow, she falls in love with Mirai, and kills herself while attempting to please him.

Mirai's uncle[]

She is married to Mirai's uncle. She claims her husband manipulated her into helping kill Mirai's family. Upon hearing this accusation, her husband began physically abusing her.


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