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Your ideal is for the selection process to create no false God, and for no God to exist. But that would cost too many lives. Ending this with as few lives lost as possible is my ideal. It's also what'd make me happy. The future is the product of the present. It's not predetermined. I will seize my own future. I will... kill you.

— Mirai announces his goal to kill Yoneda and become God[1]

Mirai Kakehashi (架橋 明日ミライ, Kakehashi Mirai?) was the protagonist of the Platinum End anime series. He was the chosen God candidate of the angel Nasse in the competition to become the next God.

Wounded by his abrasive upbringing, Mirai wished to end his life by jumping off a building.[2] However, he was abruptly caught midair by Nasse, who came to tell him of his special mission as a handpicked candidate in the God choosing process, a paramount event that would determine the fate of humanity through the replacement of the current God.[2]

With the help of the special abilities of the Wings and the Red and White Arrows, Mirai gained various allies to defeat Metropoliman and Gaku Yoneda in the selection process. Throughout the event, Mirai came to realize the ultimate meaning of happiness and the sublime reasons for living.


Mirai's full appearance

Mirai was a tall adolescent male with dark blue eyes and straight hair in a similar color that falls just above his shoulders. He was most often seen wearing his high school uniform consisting of a necktie wrapped around the collar of a white button-up, a black hoodie underneath the school blazer, plaid pants for lower garments, and a pair of rubber shoes for footwear. Mirai would occasionally dress in an all-black attire with the hood of his jacket on.

Upon encountering Metropoliman, Mirai wore a predominantly red motorsport costume with both the dust mask and hood on to conceal his identity.






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