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Nanato Mukaido (六階堂 七斗, Mukaidō Nanato?) was a human selected by the angel Baret to be a God candidate.


Mukaido's full appearance

Mukaido had a stubble, trimmed beard, and messy dark hair. He was frequently seen in a formal attire consisting of a light-colored dress shirt with a necktie, black pants, and dress shoes. As his "Green" persona, Mukaido wore a heavy weighted militaristic costume in different shades of green. He would wear a matching helmet alongside it in battle.



Mukaido was married. He had one daughter and another child on the way.

Before he was diagnosed with cancer, he worked for an apparel company where he was in charge of planning new products and designing many outfits. Four months before the Jinbo Stadium meeting, he was given three months to live. Approximately three months after being given that prognosis, the angel Baret showed up offering him a chance to become the next God. To be with his family, he agreed to become a God candidate.

After Metropoliman appeared, he decided he needed to secure his family's future. He manipulated powerful figures using the Red Arrows and garnered 200 million yen in cash.

When Metropoliman staged the Jinbo Stadium meeting, Mukaido pierced fourteen detectives and psychologists and sent them to the stadium to find other candidates in the crowd. They were successful in finding three: Mirai Kakehashi, Saki Hanakago, and a young boy who they first failed to identify.[1]


1st Series[]

After the Jinbo Stadium incident, Mukaido follows Mirai Kakehashi and Saki Hanakago back to Saki's house. There, he listens in on their conversation with their angels, who suggest that they find at least three more God candidates to ally themselves with. Hearing this, Mukaido reveals himself, offering to team up with them and suggesting they first shoot him with a Red Arrow to prove that he has no ill intentions.



The wings let Mukaido have the "freedom" to fly anywhere in the world.

Red Arrows[]

The Red Arrow has the power to force anyone who is shot with it to fall in love with the user for 33 days.



  • The name Nanato means "seven" (七) (nana) and "Dipper" (斗) (to).
  • Nanato's surname Mukaido means "six" (六) (mu), "floor, storey" (階) (kai) and "hall" (堂) (do).


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