Revel is a first-rank angel and is the Angel of Emotion. He is one of the thirteen angels and selected Saki Hanakago as his god candidate.

At the start of the series, he was a second-rank angel but was promoted to first-rank in "Where the Tears Go".


Ch04 Revel

Revel's full appearance.

Revel has pale-colored short chunky hair, with a circular band in it, and an androgynous appearance. He has upside down wings that come from his hips, a golden halo above his head, and golden frilled marks on the body. His eyes are thin with long lashes, and look quite taunting.


Revel was first shown to have a manipulative personality, a trait which he himself has acknowledged might be responsible for his low rank, but by teaming up with Mirai and Nasse, he later shows a more lively, emotive and somehow kinder personality. He cares for Saki and seemingly felt bad for having being a second-rank angel, which prevented him from giving her wings. She is also the reason why he hurried to become a first-rank angel.

Due to his compassion for Saki, he shed tears for her when she was determined to go to help Mirai and Mukaido even though she does not have the ability to fly or actively participate in a battle, an unprecedented act by an angel. God then bestowed upon him the first-rank rank and the ability to share the wings to Saki as Revel is now capable of understand and empathize with human.[ch 16]]​



On Mirai Kakehashi's first day of school Revel surprises Mirai, causing him to accidentally reveal himself as a god candidate. After teasing Mirai for a bit, Revel reveals that his god candidate, Saki Hanakago, is standing right behind Mirai.[ch 3]]​


Saki HanakagoEdit

Saki Hanakago is Revel's god candidate. So far, he has been really supportive of her. He used Mirai to protect Saki, concerned about her decision to "sleep" with Mirai and even goes as far as studying really hard to be promoted to first-rank, just to give Saki the wings she needs.


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