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Shuji Nakaumi (中海修滋, Nakaumi Shūji?) was a human selected by the angel Ogaro to be a God candidate. Nakaumi was a believer of Gaku Yoneda's ideologies regarding God and the God selection process and was in favor of mercy killing. Eventually, Nakaumi volunteered to become God.


Nakaumi's full appearance

Nakaumi was a young boy with a rounded face who bore dark circles under his jaded dull eyes. He had thin black hair that reached his chin and often covered the rightmost side of his face. As an introverted orphan who favored to stay indoors, Nakaumi was immensely slim and had a bony structure. In comparison to his older brother, he was commonly stoic and expressionless.

Nakaumi wore a plain colored t-shirt as well as a pair of gray sweatpants. He preferred to walk barefoot indoors but would wear a pair of dirty sneakers in public. After becoming God, Nakaumi had long hair, a tall stance, and swirly god-like eyes. He had a muscular build and was frequently enveloped with an angelic heavenly aura.


Nakaumi greatly believed in the concept of euthanasia and that those who wish to commit suicide must have the strong desire to do so. When Ogaro selected him as her God candidate and gave him the power of the Red Arrows, Nakaumi used them to assist his parents and grandfather in suicide, first shooting them with the Arrow then telling them to carry out their desires soon after. He believed that, through the powers he was granted with, he could serve justice to those who wish to be freed from their pain and suffering.


1st Series[]

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Red Arrows[]

The Red Arrow has the power to force anyone who is shot with it to fall in love with the user for 33 days.



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