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A Boy's HopeA Fine Line Between Offense and DefenseA Girl's Heart
A Secret ChatAbsolute Confidence
At the End of ThoughtAt the Same TableBalta
Balta/Image galleryBaretBirth of a God
Chapter 1 previewCharactersChiyo Nakayama
Choose a LifeConditions for ContactDay of Reunion
Death SentenceDiffused PowerEgura
EmakaEternal BeautyFace of Determination
False AppearanceFor YourselfGaku Yoneda
Gift from an AngelGodGod/Image gallery
God candidatesHajime Sokotani
Hand of SalvationHeart's BelovedHeaven
Hero of JusticeIn the CrosshairsJami
Jump SquareKanade Uryu
Kohinata FuyukoLast SupperLuta
Man's Nature
Measure of SentimentMetropoliman arc
MeyzaMidair ConfessionMimimi Yamada
Mirai KakehashiMirai Kakehashi's auntMirai Kakehashi's aunt/Image gallery
Mirai Kakehashi's familyMirai Kakehashi's uncleMirai Kakehashi's uncle/Image gallery
Mirai Kakehashi/Image galleryMuniNanato Mukaido
NasseNasse/Image galleryOgaro
One LifePenemaPenema/Image gallery
Platinum EndPlatinum End WikiProduct of Coincidence
RevelRoot of Disaster
Saburo TabuchiSaki HanakagoShogo Hatakeyama
Shuji NakaumiSociety's ResponseStars in the Night Sky
Story arcsSusumu YuitoSusumu Yuito/Image gallery
Symbol of PromiseTakeshi ObataThe Big Reveal
The Doorway LureThe Face in the MirrorThe Fault of Science
The Future of HumanityThe Glass VesselThe Other Five
The Power of NumbersThe Price of HonorThe Scale of Sacrifice
The Throbbing of the HeartThe Time for TalkTheir Choices
Thirteen angelsTonma RodriguezTonma Rodriguez/Image gallery
Tower of NightmaresTsugumi OhbaTwo Lights
Two Painful OptionsUpdated ListVolume 1
Volume 10Volume 11Volume 12
Volume 13Volume 2Volume 3
Volume 4Volume 5Volume 6
Volume 7Volume 8Volume 9
Volumes and ChaptersWhere the Tears Go
WingsWings of Determination
World's Greatest AssassinWorld PeaceYazeli
Your Own WorthYouthful Speeches
Yuri Temari
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