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This article is about the manga chapter. For the anime episode of the same name, see The Final Arrow (Episode).

The Final Arrow (最期の矢, Saigo no Ya?) is the fifth chapter of the 14th volume and the 58th and final chapter overall of the Platinum End manga series, written and illustrated by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, respectively.


Six years have passed since the end of the God choosing process and the four surviving God candidates are living their lives ordinarily. However, God oversees the mortal world's activities and arrives at a conclusion.


Temari admires the Kakehashis' flower arrangement and asks Yoneda about his relationship with them. Yoneda denies his friendly ties with the Kakehashis, claiming that they were merely acquaintances in battle once, then focuses back on his laboratory work.

At the same time, God watches the two converse from the celestial realm and checks on the other humans of the mortal world: Shuji's older brother is a content construction worker, Mr. Hoshi and Ms. Yumiki are back to their normal careers, and Minamikawa is in a committed relationship with his girlfriend. God is delighted to see them happy and decides to oversee the lives of those who wish to die. He witnesses the gruesome suicides around the world, and consequently affirms that he does not need to extend his help to them.

Characters in order of appearance[]

  1. Yuri Temari (vanished)
  2. Gaku Yoneda (vanished)
  3. Naoi (vanished)
  4. Shuji Nakaumi/God (killed)
  5. Shuji Nakaumi's older brother (vanished; indirectly)
  6. Manami Yumiki (vanished; indirectly)
  7. Masaya Hoshi (vanished; indirectly)
  8. Mizukiyo Minamikawa (vanished; indirectly)
  9. Sayuri (vanished; indirectly)
  10. Ogaro (vanished)
  11. Mirai Kakehashi (vanished)
  12. Penema (vanished)
  13. Revel (vanished)
  14. Baret (vanished)
  15. Muni (vanished)
  16. Nasse (vanished)
  17. Saki Hanakago (vanished)


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