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Tonma Rodriguez (ロドリゲス 頓馬, Rodorigesu Tonma?), or Ryousuke Tonma (頓間 諒介, Tonma Ryōsuke?), was a comedian publicly known for his romantic exploits. During the God choosing process, he was selected by the angel Luta to become a God candidate.[4] He was the second God candidate to be revealed.


Rodriguez was a muscular man who often towered over those around him. He had messy short light hair, tanned skin, a large nose, and a defined face shape and eyebrows. He had a big prominent smile that displayed his teeth. He was often seen wearing a white tank top.


Before the God choosing process, Rodriguez was regarded as an unsuccessful comedian that had no luck with women, which made it hard for showbiz to believe that he was dating five women at once after he was given a set of Red Arrows by his angel partner Luta.[5] Ever since then, Rodriguez was described as a selfish individual who had no qualms about using his newfound power as a God candidate to manipulate female celebrities with his Arrows. He used them solely to quench his lustful desires. In addition, Rodriguez had a large ego; he brazenly stated in a television interview once that he felt like a God soon after receiving the Red Arrows from his angel.[6]


Before becoming a God candidate, Rodriguez was a forgettable comedian.[5]


Metropoliman arc[]

After being picked as a God candidate by the angel Luta, Rodriguez began using his Red Arrows to force women he found attractive to fall in love with him. During an interview, when asked about the women who were claiming that they were in a relationship with him, Rodriguez proudly proclaimed that he had his own technique, and that he would be popular with women from now on, going so far as to claim that he felt like a God already.

Rodriguez is killed with a White Arrow

After the interview, Rodriguez is seen with multiple women in his limousine. As he makes plans to use his Arrows to attract more women, Metropoliman enters the vehicle and kills him by shooting him with a White Arrow.


Red Arrows[]

The Red Arrow enabled Rodriguez to shoot anyone he wanted to make them fall in love with him for 33 days. Rodriguez used this power to intensify his romantic relationships with women.



Luta was Rodriguez' source for his Red Arrows, as he was the one who chose him to be his human partner in the God choosing process.


  • The name Tonma means "suddenly, immediately, in a hurry" (頓) (ton) and "horse" (馬) (ma).
  • The surname Rodriguez means "son of Rodrigo" in Spanish.[7]


  • Throughout "Man's Nature", Rodriguez' name is given as "Tonma Rodriguez" (with Tonma as his first name), however in "Death Sentence", Nanato Mukaido writes his names as "Kyosuke Tonma" (with Tonma as his last name). It is unclear if this is an editing error or intentional.
    • In the original Japanese version, his name is  (ロドリゲス 頓馬, Rodorigesu Tonma?) in "Man's Nature" but  (頓間 諒介, Tonma Ryōsuke?) in "Death Sentence". Note that Japanese names have last name written before first name.


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